The Regional Telecommunications Review is conducted every three years and is an important forum for examining telecommunications issues and equity of services in regional, rural and remote Australia.

Since the last review in 2015 the rollout of the National Broadband Network in regional areas has almost been completed, and communities and consumers are starting to see the benefits of greater investment in regional and remote telecommunications services. However, for many people in regional and remote Australia the digital divide remains entrenched. There is a need for further investment in infrastructure, targeted affordability measures and digital literacy support programs to close this divide.

In our submission ACCAN has outlined emerging or persistent issues and recommended actions on how these might be addressed. These include:

  •  the affordability challenge faced by low income regional consumers;

  • a renewed commitment to further funding for investments in infrastructure that reflect community needs and aspirations (in mobile blackspots, public wifi and mobile extenders);

  • the case for a comprehensive approach to digital inclusion for Indigenous Australians living in remote communities;

  • the need for stronger underlying consumer safeguards and wholesale standards for voice and data services;

  • the potential for greater disclosure by mobile providers concerning coverage and performance to promote competition in service delivery.

Throughout the submission we draw upon our members feedback and lived consumer experience of issues that consumers face in regional and remote areas. See below for a full copy of the submission.

Download: docxACCAN Submission to Regional Telecommunications Review999.42 KB
Download: pdfACCAN Submission to Regional Telecommunications Review951.69 KB