The following e-commerce policy is offered as an outline to the e-commerce facilities available through this site.

List of services offered by ACCAN

  • Organisational membership to ACCAN valued between $0.00 and $275.00 annually (inc. GST).
  • Individual membership to ACCAN valued between $0.00 and $33.00 annually (inc. GST).
  • Registration for the ACCAN National Conference. This service is not currently offered through The approximate value will be $120 – $900 (inc. GST).

These services are currently offered by ACCAN (July 2011-present) but are not intended to limit the services offered in the future. Prices are reviewed by ACCAN executives and Board on an annual basis and are subject to change. 

Refund policy

If ACCAN membership is not approved by the Board, all monies will be refunded to the applying organisation or individual within 14 business days of the Board’s decision being made available to the applicant.

Attendees of the ACCAN National Conference will have the option to cancel their registration.  If registration is cancelled within 14 days of the event no refund will be offered, otherwise a full refund will be given.

Delivery / Returns / Postage

There are no delivery, returns or postage requirements relating to ACCAN’s e-commerce activities.  ACCAN endeavours to make all membership applications a paperless process for applicants. For any items posted by the applicant to ACCAN in relation to membership, the cost of postage is paid by the applicant.


Invoices are automatically generated by our system and will be clearly identifiable as being issued by ACCAN. If you require any further information or copies of invoices please contact ACCAN via our Contact page.

Credit card details

All credit card payments made to ACCAN will be kept confidential by our e-commerce providers (Bendigo Bank and E-Way) in accordance to industry standards and regulations. If a credit card payment is made via mail or telephone, details will be kept confidential and held securely by ACCAN. ACCAN will endeavour to make any purchase appearing on your credit card statement identifiable as being made to ACCAN.


All prices quoted by ACCAN will be in Australian dollars and include GST. 

Contact details

ACCAN can be contacted on all e-commerce matters using the details available on our Contact page.