There are three categories of membership.

  • Voting members
  • Associate members (Non-voting)
  • Life members 

Voting members includes both organisations and individuals – each having one vote. The eligibility criteria for organisational Voting members is that their purposes align with ACCAN's objectives and that they are both non-party political and not for profit. Individual Voting members must also subscribe to ACCAN’s objectives. Voting members can nominate and vote for positions on ACCAN’s board of directors. 

Associate members (Non-voting) are those who are interested in working with ACCAN but are not eligible (or do not wish to apply) for Voting membership. 

Life membership is conferred by a special meeting of ACCAN on someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the area.

Please contact us if you're unsure which type of Membership is best for you.

Members of the telecommunications industry, such as carriers, carriage service providers (CSPs), content service providers and equipment manufacturers, are not eligible for membership. 

We value your voice

ACCAN trusts our member network to inform us about the communications issues that are affecting themselves and/or their members/clients. To effectively advocate for change our lobbying and campaigns need to be evidence based and supported by strong personal stories. We therefore regularly seek input from our members in the form of surveys or occasional telephone calls. If you don’t have the time to participate, we don’t mind but equally welcome contact from our members whenever there is an issue that you’d like us to look at.

Membership pricing

ACCAN membership is renewed yearly and based on the applicant's income.  The fees are structured as follows:

Organisational Membership

Income LevelCost (inc GST)
Income under $25,000  $27.50  
Income $25,001 to $50,000  $44.00 
Income $50,001 to $200,000  $88.00
Income $200,001 to $1,000,000  $154.00 
Income $1,000,001 to $2,000,000   $220.00 
Income over $2,000,001 $275.00  

Individual Membership

Income Level  Cost (inc GST)
Unwaged   $22.00  
Waged  $33.00  

Fee Waivers

Both Individual and Organisational Members and applicants can apply for a fee waiver. If you would like your fees waived please contact ACCAN to discuss further.


Take the first step today and become a member by calling ACCAN on (02) 9288 4000 or

Apply online


You may also download the application form below and return signed forms to ACCAN.

Download:  docxOrganisational Membership Application89.6 KB

Download:  pdfOrganisational Membership Application191.9 KB

Download:  docxIndividual Membership Application87.89 KB

Download:   pdfIndividual Membership Application193.83 KB