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If you live in an urban area, it is likely that your home phone services will no longer be provided on Telstra’s network. Instead they will be provided over the NBN.

This means that even if you only want to keep your home phone service, you still need to connect to the NBN.


Network connected phone

Are you ready to sign up to an NBN home phone service?

If you have a home phone but are not yet on the NBN, your telco will send you a letter telling you when the NBN is coming to your area.

You can also check NBN Co’s website to find out when it will be available to you.

Important to know

When you order a home phone service, your telco will tell you not to disconnect the old service until the new one is working. You must give your phone number to your telco if you want to keep it when you make the switch to the NBN.

Home phone number supplied to Telco

Your NBN home phone service is unlikely to work in a power outage. If you need to guarantee you have a working phone line, ask about a battery backup or have a mobile phone on standby.

If you need a faster connection and fault repair times due to a life-threatening medical condition, Telstra can provide you with Priority Assistance. To find out more, contact Telstra.

Live in a regional, rural or remote area?

Everyone has the right to standard fixed telephone service provided by Telstra, regardless of where you live or work. This means that if you live in an isolated area where it may be difficult to get a home phone connection, Telstra is required to offer you a telephone service.

Home phone connection is a right and Telstra is required to offer you one

Need help choosing a phone?

If you have a disability or need help choosing assistive telecommunications products, the Accessible Telecoms project can help.

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Visit or call 1800 029 904.

You can also contact the National Relay Service (NRS). The NRS helps people who are Deaf, hearing-impaired or speech-impaired to use telecommunications services through special equipment and services.

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For more information, contact the NRS Helpdesk:

Phone: 1800 555 660
TTY: 1800 555 630
Fax: 1800 555 690
SMS: 0416 001 350
E-mail: helpdesk [@]



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