Illustration of woman and daughter looking for affordable devices

ACCAN has put together a list of options to help you access more affordable devices. Select the state you are in and the type of device you are looking for to see what's available. Most offer refurbished devices at a reduced cost, but some provide new or free devices.

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Looking for devices to distribute to your community?

If you're a community organisation or school seeking to access devices to distribute to your community, take a look at our list of organisations which may be able to help.

Looking for devices for education?

ACCAN recommends you speak to your school or tertiary institution if you are looking to access a device for study. Schools often have device loan programs or options for low-cost access. Many institutions have scholarship programs that can help with study-related expenses, including devices. They may also have loan programs and access to devices on campus.

Looking for an affordable plan?

Struggling with the cost of your internet or phone service? ACCAN has put together a list of telco offers to help targeted groups stay connected.

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