Illustration: Managing your website domain hero imageIf you forget to renew your domain name, someone else may take it. Even worse, a cybercriminal could snatch it up.

 Following these simple steps will help protect your business, your personal information, and things like credit card details given to you by customers and clients.

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1. Check Your Domain Security is a free tool that checks the security of your website, email and internet connection. It suggests steps you can take to ensure your domain security is up-to-scratch.

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2. Renew Your Domain Name on Time

Check if your registrar can automatically renew your domain registration. You can also look at purchasing longer term plans if they better suit your business needs.

3. Keep Your Details Up to Date With Your Registrar

This includes your contact, business and credit card details. If your payment method fails, or your registrar can’t reach you, you risk losing your domain.

4. Use Strong Passwords and Keep Them Secure

ACCAN has tips for setting complex passwords and using password managers.

You may like to appoint a trusted employee to help you manage your domain accounts. Change your password if that employee leaves. Log out of your accounts when they’re not in use.

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5. Protect Your Brand

If you already have an Australian domain name (e.g., you should also consider protecting your brand by:

  • Registering a trademark with IP Australia
  • Registering your website in other domains, like .com, .co, or .au direct

It’s common for businesses to register the same name across different namespaces to avoid other people using similar domains to yours.

6. Use Anti-virus Software

Download anti-virus software on all of your devices to prevent hackers getting access to your login details, and therefore your domain.

Check out the eSafety Commissioner’s resources for more information about this software.

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