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Phone and internet bills can quickly add up. To help you keep costs down, we’ve pulled together our top mobile and broadband money saving tips.


Phone and internet bills can quickly add up

Bring your own device

If your current mobile phone is still in good working order, it may be cheaper to sign up for a SIM-only plan or prepaid plan rather than signing up for a new mobile phone repayment plan when your current plan comes to an end.

Bring your own device and SIM only plans can help keep costs lower

Only pay for what you need

When shopping around for a new mobile phone plan, make a list of what inclusions you’d like from your service. Most plans now include unlimited calls and texts, so the main difference will be in the data allowance.
If you watch a lot of videos on the go and use image-heavy apps like Instagram, you may want to explore plans with at least 20-30GB per month. For lighter users who really only use their phone to make calls, text and check social media occasionally, look at plans with 5-10GB of data. For more tips on choosing on a mobile plan, visit our guide to choosing a mobile plan.

How you use your device can affect how much you pay

For NBN broadband customers, you’ll mainly be comparing plans based on speed. For most single or dual person households, an NBN 25 plan should be sufficient. However, for larger households you may want to upgrade to a larger plan like NBN50. To find out what speed suits your needs, check out our guide to choosing an internet plan.

Internet usage and the speed available on plans

Shop around

New phone and internet plans are released all the time. A month before your current plan is due to expire, start shopping around to see what better deals may be available on the market. Telcos rarely reward loyalty, so the best way to save money is often to change providers.

Pay with direct debit

Many telcos will charge additional fees to pay your bill via card or in person. To avoid being stung with extra costs, set up a direct debit payment arrangement with your telco. Visit their website or call their customer service line to learn how.



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