ACCAN, CHOICE, and the Consumer Action Law Centre have joined forces to give you 4 quick tips on checking your phone bill to save money.

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1. Any unexpected charges?

Check your bill every month and look for any unexpected charges.

2. Contact your telco

If you have unexpected charges on your bill, contact your telco about it. You may want to ask for a refund or a credit on your next bill. If you're unsatisfied with your telco's response, ask them to escalate your complaint. If you're still unsatisfied with your telco's response, make a complaint to the free and independent Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

3. On the right plan?

When you look at your bill, check whether you have any unused call, text or data allowance (this is your included allowance). If you're regularly only using a small amount of your included allowance, you may be on the wrong plan and paying too much.

4. Start shopping

If you're only using a fraction of your included value and you're coming to the end of your contract, it's time to start shopping around. Head to an online comparison site, such as Whistleout or Ozcompare, to find the best plan for you. Look at your bill to work out what kind of call, text and data allowance you will need, or simply ask your telco to provide you with the information. Consider going with a pre-paid option as they generally make it easier to control and manage your spend and you won't be locked in to a contract.

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