Free calls to 1800 numbers - A great ACCAN achievement

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Most Australian mobile providers (but not all) now offer free calls to 1800 numbers. Below is a list of providers that offer these calls for free.

Mobile providers with free 1800 number calls:

  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • amaysim
  • Virgin
  • iiNet
  • Spintel
  • Jeenee Mobile
  • Boost Mobile
  • Vaya
  • LiveConnected
  • Yatango
  • Vodafone
  • GoTalk and Hello Mobile
  • Lebara
  • Bendigo Bank Telco
  • Community Telco

Here are the ones that sometimes offer free calls to 1800 numbers:

  • TPG – new plans are offering free calls to 1800 numbers, but grandfathered plans appear to still be charging
  • Dodo – still charging for 1800 number calls on smaller plans

Many Government organisations and other essential services use 1800 numbers as their main contact numbers, as well as many businesses.

If you are with TPG or Dodo, check your plan. If it does not offer free 1800 calls, here are some tips on using alternative contact methods:

Go online or send an email

Many organisations have online contact forms or list email addresses on their websites.

Use social media

Contact an organisation through your social media account. Often you can get a response from an organisation by sending them a message or posting on their social media profiles.

Use an app

You may be able to contact a company through a smartphone app.

Use a callback service

If the company you are trying to contact has a callback service, request a callback so you do not get charged for a long phone call to a 1800 number.


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