Infographic showing results of ACCAN 2016: small business survey. 96% of small businesses have trouble with at least one telecommunications services

Australian small businesses provide employment for around 4.8 million people. As most small businesses rely on telecommunications services to be able to do business, it is essential these services be available, reliable and affordable. When a small business cannot access a broadband connection or make phone calls, business proceses can become difficult. When a small business operator waits in a call centre queue or is transferred between different customer service representatives trying to have a fault resolved, they are not only losing time, but money. This impact on productivity and turnover affects not only the small business owner, but its employees and customers.

ACCAN has produced guides that will provide small business consumers with the tools to assist them to:

  • Understand their rights as a phone and internet consumer

  • Be aware of the important features of telecommunications services and products to help them to choose products that best suit their business needs.

  • Understand available complaint mechanisms

  • Learn ways to get the most out of communications services they rely on

Research Reports: