Not being able to get an internet service can be extremely frustrating.

ACCAN has put together these options of broadband services for consumers struggling to get an ADSL internet service.

Note: We have assumed that an average household needs at least 50GB of data a month. Each household is different. An average house using Satellite internet uses 32GB of data a month (April 2017), while an average house using NBN internet uses 160GB a month (March 2017).

1. Waiting list

Ask your provider if your request for service can be added to a waiting list.

Providers should keep your address and notify you when services become available in the future.

2. Check other fixed providers

There are a number of companies that have their own ADSL equipment. If one provider has no availability, another might. Here are some companies that have their own ADSL equipment:

There may also be other fixed line networks that operate in your area that you may be able to use, such as:

  • iiNet VDSL2 (ACT)
  • Optus Cable (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)
  • Telstra (Velocity, South Brisbane, Cable)
  • Wondercom FTTB

If you are in a new development you may have access to other networks. You can check the new developments map to see if you are covered.

Check nbn to see when you will be connected to the National Broadband Network.

3. Check fixed wireless options

Fixed wireless broadband provides internet using an antenna dish installed on your house.

Here are some that we are aware of:

4. Check home wireless options

Home wireless provides internet at one location using a modem/gateway device with a mobile SIM card. It requires power from a socket in your house. A number of people and devices can connect to the internet through the modem/gateway.

It is important to check that the provider offers coverage at your house!

5. Check mobile broadband options

Mobile broadband plans are designed to be used on the go. The SIM card inserts into one device, such as a tablet or phone. For more than one person or device to connect you need to 'hotspot' the device.

It is important to check that provider offers coverage in your house!

6. Share your experiences and solutions

Join the discussion on our Facebook Broadband Help group to share your experiences and connect with similar consumers.

Contact ACCAN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are unable to get a service, or if you are a provider who can offer consumers’ services.

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