In response to consumers experiencing long wait times and other significant customer service issues when contacting their telecommunications providers.

ACCAN commissioned Synergies Economics to develop a model to estimate the cost of consumer time that is spent trying to resolve issues with their telecommunications provider.

To extend this work, ACCAN has commissioned Colmar Brunton to collect data for use in the economic modelling prepared.

The specific objectives of the current research were to:

  • Establish the incidence of consumers that are contacting their provider to resolve issues relating to various telecommunications services, including the proportion that are NBN related.

  • Calculate the average amount of time a consumer spends resolving an issue with their provider

  • Determine the average number of contacts it takes to resolve an issue

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V 1.1 corrects the previous version of this report in which data on page 14 regarding the average number of contacts was incorrect. The first sentence should have read ‘On average, consumers contacted their provider 2.3 times about their most recent issue’.