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The Universal Service Obligation (USO) is a vital consumer protection in Australia. The USO ensures a standard telephone service (generally fixed line voice services) and pay phones are accessible to all people in Australia. It was formally introduced in 1991, but it has seen a number of changes over the years.

ACCAN considered it timely to consider the USO and how it should develop into the future. Rethinking the USO, held on 12th March 2015, saw some interesting debate and discussion on what services consumers require today and into the future and how to ensure the right protections are in place. These discussions with stakeholders and key industry players will help inform ACCAN's work in this area.

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(Presentations provided by participants and converted to PDF's by ACCAN)

Welcome and Introduction
Teresa Corbin, ACCAN CEO

Keynote Address
Paul Fletcher MP, Parliamentary Secretary Assisting the Minister for Communications. Speech delivered at event.

Facilitator Address
Presentation and opening remarks by Rosemary Sinclair. pdfRosemary Sinclair Rethinking the USO.pdf100.73 KB

Session 1: Is the USO fit for purpose? Problems and gaps in the current USO framework.

Session 2: What should a universal communications service mean in a multi technology environment?

Session 3: How could required services be delivered in the new telecommunications environment?

Wrap up and next steps
Teresa Corbin, ACCAN CEO

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