The Federal Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network is inquiring into the rollout of the NBN in rural and regional areas, focusing on the capacity and reliability of NBN satellite, fixed wireless and fixed line networks. ACCAN has submitted to the inquiry, presenting the major concerns of rural, regional and remote consumers and small business.

Some of the main issues and recommendations in our submission are:

  • The take up of NBN satellite services is slower than expected. While some consumers may prefer alternative options, others may not be aware that NBN satellite or fixed wireless is available. An increased awareness campaign is needed to inform consumers about the options available to them.

  • Better information should be available on the nbn website, including information to enable consumers to engage face to face with nbn co Local activities

  • Consumers experiencing congested NBN fixed wireless services should be contacted, informed of nbn congestion issues, refunded and offered reduced monthly charges until network performance improves.

  • Many consumers in regional and rural areas are reliant on ADSL services, but the future of these services is uncertain. An ADSL future strategy which takes into account the implications of the NBN rollout should be developed by government in consultation with consumers.

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