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ACCAN recently commented on the Consolidated Industry Codes of Practice for the Online Industry (Class 1A and Class 1B Material).

ACCAN’s submission outlined our concerns regarding the lack of clarity around dispute resolution and redress processes in the draft Codes. The eSafety Commission should be explicitly included as an avenue for consumers to appeal decisions made under the codes and minimise consumer harm from incorrect decisions.

ACCAN recently submitted to Communications Alliance’s consultation on DR C540:2023 Local Number Portability. 

ACCAN supports measures to make it easier for consumers to switch between service providers while keeping their phone number. In our submission we urged the telecommunications sector to progress investments to modernise Australia’s number porting infrastructure. Modern number porting infrastructure would facilitate competition and bring consumers’ experiences in line with their expectations.

ACCAN has recently submitted to the Parliament of Australia’s Senate Select Committee on the Cost of Living. ACCAN’s submission outlined the impact of the increasing cost of broadband services on consumers, and how consumers have adapted to these rising costs. Small increases to the cost of telecommunications services can have a significant detrimental impact on the financial wellbeing of low-income consumers.

ACCAN recommends addressing the increasing cost of telecommunications by establishing:

ACCAN recently commented on the scheduled review of Customer Authorisation (CA) Industry Guideline (G651:2017) (the Guideline). ACCAN’s submission highlights that the protection of the rights and interests of telecommunications Customers is inhibited in the Guideline, by a lack of clarity on the CA transfer process, the limited guidance on the use of cancellation fees, and the inaccessibility of CA information for people with disability.

ACCAN’s submission addresses these concerns by proposing seven amendments to the Guideline:

ACCAN recently submitted to The Treasury’s Inquiry into the Treasury Laws Amendment (Consumer Data Right) Bill 2022 Consultation.

ACCAN supports amending the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (CCA) to extend the Consumer Data Right (CDR) framework to enable action initiation. Extending the CCA to cover action initiation through an Accredited Action Initiator (AAI) may provide significant benefits to consumers.

ACCAN recently submitted to the Senate Standing Committees on Economics’ consultation on the Influence of International Digital Platforms.

Our submission identified the harms consumers face when interacting with digital platforms, including social networking scams and a lack of complaint redress. ACCAN recommends:

ACCAN has made a submission to the Governments Future of Broadcasting consultation on a Connected Television Prominence Framework. The consultation suggested a range of proposals which would support the policy intent of making Australian local television services prominent and easy to access on connected devices capable of displaying television programming.

ACCAN has responded to an ACCC consultation on NBN Co’s proposed variation to its Special Access Undertaking (SAU). The SAU sets out the rules by which NBN Co provides wholesale access to retailers. The SAU can determine price and quality of voice and broadband services delivered over the NBN until 2040.

The SAU variation lodged by NBN Co in November 2022 represents a significant step forward compared to its previous Variation. There are many aspects of the latest proposal that ACCAN supports such as the shift to a flat rate pricing construct, the reduction of the Initial Cost Recovery Account, the Replacement Module Application process, and the introduction of the Weighted Average Price Cap.

ACCAN has responded to The Treasury’s Digital Platforms: Government consultation on ACCC’s regulatory reform recommendations Consultation Paper. In our submission we supported the introduction of:

ACCAN has provided feedback on the ACCC’s record keeping rule (RKR) for NBN’s service performance.

ACCAN supports the proposal which will require NBN Co to submit service quality and network performance metrics to the ACCC, where the ACCC will publicly report on the information collected.

ACCAN considers that the RKR should be amended to:

ACCAN recently submitted to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts’ consultation on the Regional Connectivity Program Round 3 (including Mobile Black Spot opportunities) Grant Opportunity Draft Guidelines. In our submission we recommended:

ACCAN recently submitted to the Department of Social Services’ consultation on a new Act to replace the Disability Services Act 1986 (The Act). ACCAN welcomes the commitment of the new Act to affirm the rights and freedoms contained in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  ACCAN’s submission calls for the new Act to: