The Department of Communications and the Arts asked ACCAN to comment on whether the Do Not Call Register Regulations 2006 continue to play a valuable role in telemarketing. The Regulations support the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 by specifying some types of calls that are not intended to constitute telemarketing calls. Examples of these types of calls are product recall calls, fault rectification calls, and calls related to payments and bills.

ACCAN believes that the Regulations still play an important role in telemarketing, but think that some amendments could be made to strengthen consumer protections.

These include amending the Regulations to:

  • place restrictions on how many and how often currently permitted calls can be made, and

  • define what is a ‘reasonable time’ period in which a telemarketer is allowed to contact a consumer on the Do Not Call Register after the consumer has made an inquiry or a request for information.

ACCAN also submitted that the exemptions to the Act which mean that charities, political parties, and politicians do not have to abide by the Do Not Call Register are reviewed. ACCAN believes that the Act should be amended so that:

  • People on the Do Not Call Register do not receive pre-recorded messages or ‘robo-calls’, or alternatively that pre-recorded telemarketing messages need to clearly state who they are authorised by, and provide an opportunity for the recipient to opt out of any further calls.

  • Consumers, particularly vulnerable consumers such as older people, are protected from aggressive charity fundraising techniques.

ACCAN also suggests that the Department reviews whether the exemption for political calls is necessary at all.

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