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The University of Sydney

Grant round: 2013

Grant amount: $47,251

Mobile phones are an essential technology for people experiencing homelessness. Yet, while most have mobile phones, and many have smart phones, this doesn't mean they are able to make and receive calls or access online services reliably.

Research on mobile phone and mobile internet access, ownership and use amongst 95 families and young people experiencing homelessness was conducted to gather evidence on the specific needs and circumstances of this group. Key questions were asked on how mobiles and other Internet-enabled devices are used to connect with support, government and other online services, and on the social and economic benefits and risks that mobile technologies represent. The study found that 95% of participants had a mobile phone, which is higher than that recorded for the general population, and that mobile phones are essential for survival and safety, for gaining new skills and for moving out of homelessness. The project worked closely with the national peak agency Homelessness Australia and several state agencies and service providers.

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