What happens after I make an application?

Once you submit an Expression of Interest it will be assessed by the Independent Grants Panel against the criteria listed in the Guidelines.

All applicants will be notified according to the timeline in the Guidelines. Unsuccessful applicants have two weeks to seek individual feedback on their application.

Successful applicants will be invited to submit a Full Application which will also be assessed by the Panel. The panel may provide feedback on specific areas of your application to strengthen or develop. Full Applications will also be assessed against the criteria listed in the Guidelines.

Generally, all Full Application applicants will be notified of their outcome late June, with projects able to begin from 1st July. 

Entering into a contract with ACCAN

If you are successful, you (if you are an individual applying with an ABN in your own name), or the organisation you work for, will enter into a formal agreement for the delivery of the project. It will be based on the deliverables you indicated in your application and will set out all outputs as milestones with timelines and payments attached. Payments are milestone-based, meaning you will be expected to show that you have delivered on the agreed milestone, prior to each payment being released.

A copy of ACCAN’s Deed and Schedule is available below. Please review this (or send it to your legal team if you have one) to ensure you and/or your organisation are able to accept these conditions, should you be recommended for funding. Please note that because the ACCAN Grants Program is funded by the Federal Government, ACCAN is required to impose certain obligations on the Grant Recipient under the Commonwealth Deed. Funding under the Independent Grants Program is dependent on acceptance of the terms of the Deed, in certain circumstances.

DownloaddocxACCAN Grant Deed.docx4.57 MB

Working with ACCAN

ACCAN considers itself a hands-on funder, deeply committed to getting the best out of the projects it funds. You will have regular meetings with ACCAN staff, usually a few weeks before significant milestones are due. ACCAN assigns a member of its Policy Team to each project, and encourages you to take advantage of ACCAN's consumer expertise. 

Acquitting an ACCAN grant

As part of your contract with ACCAN, all grantees are required to acquit the project on completion. This includes a statement that all funds were spent in accordance with the Deed. You are required to keep auditable records. 

Acquittal forms are completed via SmartyGrants, via the same account you used to submit your application.