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*** [Update 13 March] The federal government's review of consumer representation is complete and the Minister has committed to renewed funding. We therefore expect to run the Scheme later in the calendar this year with some changes to operation. We will publish details of those changes once they are finalised with a likely target date of May 2017. Please watch these pages or subscribe to our mailing list. Thank you for your patience.***

2016 Scheme Overview

2016 Guidelines

Consult the Guidelines for everything you need to know about how the ACCAN Grants Scheme works, including eligibility, how to apply, the time line and what to expect. These guidelines contain the rules for the scheme and the assessment approach.

Download: pdfACCAN Grants Scheme Guidelines 2016575.12 KB

Download:  docACCAN Grants Scheme Guidelines 2016146 KB


What is eligible for funding?

Eligible projects address communications consumer issues. A communications consumer issue is one that is systemic, persistent and generally widespread affecting consumers of telecommunications and internet services. The issue could be something that affects the general public or it might be an issue affecting a particular part of the community such as children, older people, or people with disabilities, but preferably one where multiple sectors would benefit from a solution.

It could be something that results in rip-offs or people getting into debt. These are just some examples.
The nature and topics of a project can vary considerably with preference given to cross-sector collaborative projects addressing ACCAN’s priority themes for this year.

Priority Themes from ACCAN’s Strategic Plan

  • Fair and inclusive communications market
    • Regulation of the telecommunications industry and the impact on consumers through different regulatory models and approaches
    • Universal accessibility of telecommunications
    • Telecommunications affordability
  • Protect standards, privacy and security
    • Privacy of communications consumer information
    • Consumer benefit and market impact of network performance measurement and reporting
  • Informed choices
    • Telecommunications consumer rights and awareness
    • Barriers to informed consumer decision making
  • Emerging issues
    • Future implications of communications technology on consumers including potential regulatory responses

Projects from ACCAN’s Policy Priorities

  • Future consumer protections and universal communications services
    • Projects that identify and analyse consumer protections needed for the delivery of essential communications services; the impact of consumer guarantees; reliability and performance measures and/or market behaviour in response to same.
  • Improved affordability of services for low income consumers
    • Economic analysis and/or assessments of the cost barriers faced by low income consumers; and policy and education approaches that promote better value for all.


What won't get funded?

We often see applicants apply for funding to update their organisation's phone and IT systems, set up their web site, or even buy iPads for clients. These applications are usually ineligible as the Grants Scheme doesn't provide funding just to further an organisation's day to day business or to improve its internal systems. Eligible projects contribute to ACCAN's strategic work and objectives. Make sure you have a look at our strategic plan, our policy priorities and website before applying.

Who can apply?

Eligible projects have come from a range of applicants, such as individual researchers, community organisations, local councils and universities – all you need is an ABN and some great ideas. Check our website to see previous grant recipients. We do strongly encourage partnerships, so if you're interested in a partnership with industry, a community organisation or university, get in touch with us as we may be able to make an introduction.

2016 Timeline

Application round opens 8 February 2016
Application round closes 11:59 PM AEDT (Sydney)
15 March 2016
Applications reviewed by the Independent Panel April – May 2016
All applicants notified of outcomes 16 - 19 June 2015
Opportunity to seek feedback from ACCAN on unsuccessful applications Before end June 2016
Funded projects begin 1 July 2016
Funded projects completed 30 May 2017