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Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau

Grant round: 2012

Grant Amount: $12,136

This project saw 14 Year 10 students assist older community members to improve their skills with a communications technology of their choice. Older people in the community were invited to attend a six-week program with whatever “gizmo”, such as a mobile phone or laptop, they chose to bring along, with young volunteers helping them learn how to use the technology to its full extent. Young participants were given an opportunity to understand some of the frustrations that many older people face, and increased confidence with technology helped older participants engage with family and community. Increased knowledge and confidence allowed both groups of consumers to challenge some of the issues they face as consumers and advocate for the way new technologies are developed, produced and marketed to the community.

As at October 2019, the program was still operating and more information can be found on the bureau's project page.

Download: docKnow your Gizmo final report5.19 MB

Download: pdfKnow your Gizmo final report1.75 MB

Download: zipKnow your Gizmo plan and templates3.57 MB