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University of Melbourne

Dr Bjorn Nansen, Dr Rowan Wilken, Dr Michael Arnold, Dr Martin Gibbs

Grant round: 2011 

Grant Amount: $45,934

This project documented Australian households' changing media ecology by capturing the experience of a sample of the National Broadband Network’s first users in Brunswick, Victoria. The research developed a detailed understanding of the impacts of high-speed broadband (HSB) on consumption behaviours and trends within Australian family households. The study examined how HSB impacts upon the domestic media and communications environment, how it influences family consumption patterns and costs of media and communications in the home and how these factors change over time as HSB is habituated.  

Download: pdfBroadbanding Brunswick fact sheet227.93 KB

Download: docBroadbanding Brunswick fact sheet193.5 KB

Read more about the project and the final report here