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Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University

Grant round: 2010

Grant amount: $49,750

Partners: The Centre for Appropriate Technology; The Central Land Council

This project provided baseline evidence of barriers, facilitators and needs in relation to home computing and internet access in remote Indigenous communities in Central Australia. Through consultations and semi-structured interviews, it examined consumer concerns in three collaborating small to medium-sized remote communities, including Kwale Kwale and Murray Downs, all of which are currently without internet access. Aside from contributing to public policy directions broadly, the project and the research assisted the partners in developing communications strategies for their constituents.

The researchers have received additional Australia Research Council Linkage funding, as well as support from the Aboriginals Benefit Account to build on this report by trialling the installation of home internet access in Kwale Kwale, Mungalawuru, and Imangara through shared Wi-Fi networks with community level billing options.

Download: Home Internet for Remote Indigenous Communities [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 876.05 KB]

Download: Home Internet for Remote Indigenous Communities [Word Document - 301.5 KB]