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Grant round: 2017-18

Amount: $55,302

Consumers produce large amounts of personal data when using digital media. While businesses and Government can access these datasets (in various ways), the Productivity Commission has found that consumers have limited access to their own personal data and many are “not fully aware of what data is collected about them and how”. This project produced consumer tip sheets  informing consumers about the data companies collect and developed a tool ( to help people understand their personal data. The report, which examines the current state of data access in the communications sector, can be downloaded below.

Download:  docxConsumer Rights to Personal Data1.04 MB
Download:  pdfConsumer Rights to Personal Data2.24 MB

Consumer tip sheets:

Apple watch

Download:  docxConsumer Tipsheet for Apple Watch910.46 KB
Download:  pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Apple Watch534.95 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Facebook912.4 KB  
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Facebook556.23 KB  


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Fitbit913.41 KB  
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Fitbit539.89 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Google913.82 KB
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Google556.06 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Instagram913.69 KB
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Instagram552.22 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Optus912.45 KB       
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Optus649.42 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Snapchat914.62 KB
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Snapchat549.18 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Telstra913.07 KB
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Telstra540.18 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Twitter912.64 KB
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Twitter538.89 KB


Download:    docxConsumer Tipsheet for Vodafone913.17 KB
Download:    pdfConsumer Tipsheet for Vodafone551.05 KB