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Image of young woman showing a face of concern while talking on phone Financial and Consumer Rights Council Inc. (FCRC)

Grant round: 2016

Amount: $60,000

FCRC has published their 'Rank the Telco ' report, following its established and successful methodology used in the banking and energy sectors. The report documents and analyses the opinions and experiences of Victorian financial counsellors regarding the financial hardship practices of telecommunications services in Victoria. By ranking the practices of telecommunications companies, the report highlights how companies treat consumers in financial hardship. As the companies also operate outside Victoria the project is of national relevance and raises awareness of hardship protections, provides a voice for consumers' experience of telco hardship practices and the quality of customer service.

The report was launched on 27 April 2017. Read the FCRC review of the launch.

Download: pdfRank the Telco Report 20179.04 MB

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