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Man working at home with daughter on lapSACOSS (South Australian Council of Social Service)

Grant Round: 2019

Amount: $99,112

This project has identified telecommunications usage, affordability and hardship experiences of the ‘working poor’ (those living below the poverty line, whose main source of income is from employment) and low-income consumers. These groups are less likely to seek, and often do not qualify for, government assistance. The project has identified how these households could be assisted to overcome affordability barriers and improve telecoms access.

This project was completed in partnership with TASCOSS and ACTCOSS. 

pdfTelecommunications Affordability and Waged Poor Report.pdf1.21 MB

docxTelecommunications Affordability and Waged Poor Report accessible version.docx422.14 KB

pdfTelecommunications and Waged Poor Infographic.pdf164.31 KB