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2024 round now closed.

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ACCAN is committed to best serving telecommunications consumers by administering a high quality Grants Program that is responsive to consumer needs. We have a two-stage application process, with only  Streams depending on the type of work you are planning to do. 

 Choose your Stream

You can apply under one of two Streams:

1. Education and Representation Stream

Choose this Stream if your proposed project is predominantly consumer education and/or representation.

The lead applicant MUST be from the community sector, or demonstrate strong and genuine community sector partnership.

2. Research Stream

Choose this Stream if your proposed project is predominantly research.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest

Expressions of Interest are completed via a shortened application form and assessed according to the Guidelines by the Independent Grants Panel. 

Step 1 - Read the Guidelines and Strategic Plan.

Step 2 - Contact the grants team to review the idea and get advice on whether it is likely to be considered eligible:

Email: grants @

Call: 02 9288 4000

Or contact us through the National Relay Service

Step 3 - Complete the Expression of Interest form on the SmartyGrants application portal. (You will need to register for a SmartyGrants account if you don't already have one.)

Step 4 - Submit your application online by the due date stated in the Guidelines. Late applications will not be accepted. Note that closing times are in Australian Eastern times.

Expression of Interest form

Download a sample copy of the EOI application form below. Use this to help prepare your application offline or with a team.

Do NOT submit this sample form. All applications MUST be submitted online via the SmartyGrants application portal.

Download: docx2024 ACCAN grants EOI form90.36 KB


Stage 2: Full Application

If your Expressions of Interest is successful, you will be invited to submit a Full Application, also via SmartyGrants. Use the same login details as you used at the EOI stage.

A Word version of the application form will be provided below. As with your EOI, you cannot submit this sample form. You must submit your application online via the SmartyGrants application portal.

Download: docx2024 ACCAN Grants Full Application form.docx4.91 MB

We strongly encourage all Full Application applicants to contact the ACCAN Grants Team to discuss your application to ensure it is eligible and competitive. If you allow enough time, we are able to review drafts etc. This is particularly important for budget items.

Please note that your answers do not have to be the same as those given at EOI stage - you are able to add detail, clarify, or adjust approach if it strengthens your application. The amount requested can also be adjusted, though any substantive change should be justified.

Supporting documents

If the Assessment Panel needs more information such as annual reports or other documents, they will request it. They do not need to be provided with your application.