Front cover image of Making the Right Call BookletDownload: Making the Right Call: Your Rights As a Phone and Internet Customer [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 197.99 KB]

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As a telecommunications customer, you have rights that apply to your mobile phone, landline phone, internet and, if it's provided by a telco, your pay TV service. ACCAN has produced a guide, Making the Right Call, that summarises your rights as a phone and internet customer as outlined in the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code and other relevant laws, regulations and industry codes.

Read full article: Top Tips for phones and internetOur Top tips for Phones and Internet consumer information pack consists of six brochures telecommunications consumer issues including:

  • How to use less data on your smartphone

  • Tips for picking a good value NBN internet plan

  • What affects the quality of my broadband?

  • 5 things you need to know about NBN

  • How to make a complaint that gets heard

  • Telecommunications compensation - What are your rights?

These brochures cover issues that are regularly experienced by many consumers. The brochures are full of useful tips and advice; the pack is designed to be a go to guide to help consumers navigate the often confusing telecommunications market.