With the cost-of-living front of mind for most Australians, the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is urging the federal government to develop an easy to use, independent and free comparison tool to help consumers navigate the often-complicated telecommunications market.

Currently, it is difficult for consumers to find information about different products, services, and plans available to them. The establishment of an Independent Plan Comparison Tool (IPCT) will provide consumers with key product and price information for telecommunications services, allowing them to select a service offering that best meets their needs. 

"Making it easier for time poor consumers to compare deals and identify the best value options on the market will help them to save money, time and a lot of confusion. ACCAN's research shows that consumers overwhelmingly agree that it should be easier to find and compare information about phone and internet plans," said ACCAN's CEO, Andrew Williams.

Existing comparison tools lack information that is important to consumers, including those with accessibility or affordability concerns. Furthermore, existing comparison tools do not cover the entire telecommunications market.

An IPCT would have several benefits and should provide unbiased prominence to offers in the market, allowing consumers to place greater trust in the tool’s operation, reduce the search costs and information irregularities. It should also promote competition by reducing barriers to entry and enhance the visibility of smaller providers.

"The IPCT should include information about affordable options and concessions for low-income consumers. It should also be designed and developed in consultation with consumers and consumer groups,” said Mr. Williams.

Read more about the Independent Plan Comparison Tool here

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