ACCAN has made a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Fixed Services Review (FSR) 2013. The review asked whether access should continue to be 'declared' to Telstra's copper wire services. 'Declaring' a service allows competitors to Telstra, like iiNet, to access the Telstra copper network at the wholesale level and sell those services at retail.

The declaration covers a range of services like access to fixed local and international calls and internet. The aim of the declaration is to limit Telstra from operating a monopoly over telecommunications services by promoting competition at the retail level. It is hoped the declaration will lead to better quality and prices for consumers.


ACCAN made the following key recommendations:

  • Each of the Fixed Services should be re-declared

  • The ACCC should investigate the way providers bundle strategic assets such as IPTV services with their telecommunications products

  • The ACCC to consider whether a declaration of Telstra Exchange Building Access (TEBA) or some other associated facilities access service could compel Telstra to take positive steps to ensure a wholesale customer is able to access space in an exchange.

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