Women's Legal Services NSW

Project title: Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse

Grant round: 2014

Grant: $54,123.40

Through their experience of working directly with clients, the Women's Legal Service NSW has been confronted with reports of women being controlled, threatened or harassed through online and mobile technologies, including those used for surveillance and stalking. Digital abuse is a worrying new aspect of domestic violence.

The Women's Legal Service has developed an Australia-wide online educational resource for women and their support workers, assisting them to identify and address technology-facilitated harassment and to seek protection.

The project also lays the foundation for advocacy to telecommunication services and social networking sites towards a more comprehensive range of options for consumers wanting to protect their privacy.

Material created in this project, including legal guides for each State and Territory, can be found on the WESNET website at https://wesnet.org.au/about/research/recharge15/