Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

Grant round: 2013

Grant amount: $55,000

There are many Australians for whom Auslan is their first language who are not sufficiently bilingual to access all information in written English form.

Conducted by Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE), in conjunction with Macquarie University, with additional support from a number of community organisations: Vicdeaf, Deaf Society of NSW, Australian Communication Exchange, Deaf Services Queensland and WA Deaf Society. This project examined the current standards of online Auslan translations by undertaking an audit of online Auslan material and conducting focus groups with Auslan speakers as well as interpreters. A comprehensive report outlines the findings of the research, while a set of guidelines has been created for Auslan interpreters to follow to ensure that their translations are clear, accessible and readily understood by those consumers that communicate in Auslan. The report is downloadable below, along with the guidelines for video production.

Download: pdfWhat Standards? Auslan translation standards2.05 MB

Download:  docxWhat Standards? Auslan translation standards1.49 MB

Download: pdfGuidelines: English-into-Auslan Video Production10.77 MB

Download: docxGuidelines: English-into-Auslan Video Production385.99 KB