ACCAN has made a submission to the ACCC's Domestic Mobile Terminating Access Service (MTAS) Final Access Determination. ACCAN endorsed the ACCC's preliminary finding that mobile voice and SMS termination services should be declared for five years and are now providing feedback on the pricing model.

We believe that developing appropriate cost-based pricing for mobile termination is the best way to deliver long term benefits to consumers. In line with the legislative framework, the model selected should aim to deliver competitive offers for consumers while ensuring business can gain a reasonable rate of return for investment for continual network improvement.

As outlined in our previous submission ACCAN believes the ACCC's objectives in promoting the long-term interests of end-users (LTIE) would be best served by declaring voice services. We also see the need for a declaration of SMS termination rates based on the ACCC's assessment of the evidence.

Submitted to: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Status: Submitted

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