ACCAN recently submitted to the telco regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), on regulations that allow the ACMA to issue infringement notices (fines) when telcos don’t follow certain rules. ACCAN’s submission supported the remaking of the rules, and suggested changes to improve consumer safeguards and the way in which infringement notices are issued.

The Listed Infringement Notice Provisions Declaration 2011 sets out which rules the ACMA is able to issue an infringement notice in relation to when a telco is non-compliant. The ACMA is proposing to renew the rules with some changes. In our submission ACCAN argued that:

  • The rules should be remade with the changes proposed by the ACMA.
  • International mobile roaming rules should be included in the rules.
  • The ACMA should be able to issue infringement notices about non-compliant activities that occurred more than 12 months ago.
  • The rules should continue to be reviewed regularly.
  • The ACMA should have the power to issue an infringement notice when a telco breaks industry codes and consumer safeguards.

Download:  docxACCAN feedback on remaking the LINP Declaration179.55 KB
Download:  pdfACCAN feedback on remaking the LINP Declaration269.45 KB