Communications Alliance, the peak body for the telco industry, is undertaking a routine review of C515:2015, the industry Code on Pre-Selection.

Pre-selection allows consumers with landline phone services on the copper network to use one telco for certain types of calls, but another for different types of calls, such as calls to mobile or international numbers. The Pre-Selection Code sets out technical processes for the industry to follow when establishing and delivering pre-selectable services.

In our submission, ACCAN said that while consumer demand for pre-selection has dropped substantially, the Pre-Selection Code should remain in place until the telco regulator, the ACMA, revokes or changes the Pre-Selection Determination.

The communications landscape has changed dramatically since the introduction of pre-selection, with market changes and emerging technologies reducing demand for pre-selectable services.

The ACMA reviewed regulations about pre-selection in 2020 (the Telecommunications (Provisions of Pre-selection) Determination 2015). The ACMA did not make any changes to the Determination but did not rule out revoking it in future. Consequently, ACCAN believes that the Pre-Selection Code should remain until the ACMA progresses changes to the rules about pre-selection.

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