Since May 2016 nbn has been attempting to change the rules under which it operates in a document called the Special Access Undertaking (or SAU). These changes need to be approved by the ACCC. Primarily, this is to include other technologies (HFC, FTTN and FTTB) in the SAU. After the ACCC refused to accept its last proposed changes, nbn has revised the document again.

ACCAN has serious concerns regarding the contents of the SAU. These rules should promote services for end users and are important in establishing a fair and supportive environment for the delivery of services over the monopoly nbn network. However, nbn is proposing to include unfair charges on consumers and reduced performance levels for some services. Additionally the document contains no service performance incentives or mechanisms for compensation. ACCAN remains unconvinced that some proposed changes by nbn are in the long term interest of end users and believes more needs to be done.

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