In 2016, the Mobile Premium Services (MPS) Code is being reviewed.  Mobile Premium Services (MPS) are information and entertainment services that deliver various forms of content to your mobile phone, and are charged to your phone account. The MPS Code aims to safeguard consumers from an industry which has a history of poor practice.

Market changes in the last year mean that consumers are able to buy more products in new ways, and charge them to their phone bill. As a result, ACCAN considers that the Code should be updated so that it adequately protects consumers.

In our submission, we recommend that:

  • Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) should be included in the Code – DCB allows you to pay for apps and other content, for example Google Play purchases, through your phone bill

  • Consumers should be told about MPS/DCB and how to bar these services when they acquire a new mobile phone service

  • Consumers should receive timely spend notifications including reminders about ongoing subscription services

  • Monitoring and reporting should be reinstated to increase compliance with the MPS Code

  • Carriers must take greater responsibility when dealing with complaints instead of directing customers to the content supplier


docxMPS Code - ACCAN submission265.69 KB

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