The Federal Government is working on a Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) project. The project aims to make it easier for people to have a single digital identity when accessing government services online. These services might include Medicare, tax, and Centrelink.

ACCAN has submitted to the Government on the process it has followed in the TDIF project so far. ACCAN is concerned that the Government has not consulted adequately with relevant stakeholders, including privacy experts, consumers and public interest advocacy organisations. ACCAN is also concerned that the Government has not adequately analysed the risks to the privacy and security of individuals who might want to use the TDIF scheme. All in all, the information currently available to those who wish to engage in the development process is not adequate to make an informed assessment of the risks and benefit presented by the project to consumers.  

ACCAN will proactively participate in all consultations on the TDIF project from hereon in to represent the best interests of consumers.

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