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From section 3.1 of the ACCAN Constitution:

  1. to be a peak body in Australia representing the interests of consumers in relation to communications and telecommunications issues;

  2. to promote the telecommunications consumer objectives of accessibility, affordability and availability to all consumers;

  3. to promote the development of Australian information and communications technology resources;

  4. to develop a strong, coordinated voice for consumers and to represent and advocate on behalf of consumers to Government, regulators and the telecommunications industry;

  5. to undertake research, policy development and education on consumer telecommunications issues;

  6. to facilitate access to and dissemination of information to consumers, consumer representatives and consumer organisations;

  7. to advocate on behalf of consumers on telecommunications laws affecting consumers, law reform, policy development and in relation to industry practices;

  8. to participate in regulatory and co-regulatory activities; and

  9. to contribute to the development of Government telecommunications policy.

View our Strategic Plan

View our Constitution

Your contribution to improving communications services for Australians is important!  The benefits of becoming an ACCAN member are:

We put consumers first

We are a community-based, member-driven, not-for-profit, non- party political organisation.

Be heard:

Tell us about your issues and opinions through direct contact with us. We also have expert Standing Advisory Committees, which members can nominate to join, which help us identify consumer issues and strategies to address them. 

Be informed:

Our weekly newsletter will keep you up to date with news and issues affecting consumers and the communications industry. Your membership also means you will receive ACCAN Magazine, published quarterly, which will keep you up to date with our policy, grants and research activities, as well as industry and regulatory news, tip sheets and profiles of members.

Be equipped:

ACCAN tip sheets and educational resources will help you and your constituents on consumer rights and important issues.

Fight the good fight:

Take part in our campaigns, research and grants projects to help us advocate for consumer rights.


Participate in ACCAN Events, including discounted fees for our annual conference, profiling your work and events through our website, find other events and contacts through ACCAN.

Have a say:

Your membership to ACCAN entitles you to nominate and vote for directors on the ACCAN Board.  You can also choose to become a non-voting, Associate Member.

About membership

ACCAN has three categories of membership:

    • Ordinary Members are 'not for profit' organisations or individuals whose purposes align with ACCAN’s.  They are able to nominate and vote for positions on ACCAN’s board of directors;
    • Associate Members (non-voting) are organisations or individuals interested in working with ACCAN but do not wish or are not eligible to be voting members; and
    • Life Members are current members who are acknowledged by ACCAN as having made a significant contribution to consumer rights in the communications field.

We value your voice

ACCAN trusts our member network to inform us about the communications issues that are affecting themselves and/or their members/clients. To effectively advocate for change our lobbying and campaigns need to be evidence based and supported by strong personal stories. We therefore regularly seek input from our members in the form of surveys or occasional telephone calls. If you don’t have the time to participate, we don’t mind but equally welcome contact from our members whenever there is an issue that you’d like us to look at.


Take the first step today and become a member by calling ACCAN on (02) 9288 4000 or complete the online Individual or Organisational membership application.

Alternatively, fill in the forms below and return to membership[at]accan.org.au.

Organisation Membership

Download:  docxACCAN Organisational Membership Application Form89.6 KB

Download:  pdfACCAN Organisational Membership Application Form191.9 KB

Individual Membership

Download:docxACCAN Individual Membership Application Form87.89 KB

Download:  pdfACCAN Individual Membership Application Form193.83 KB



To be successful in working towards available, accessible and affordable communications, we need the expertise and support of individuals and organisations who share our goals. Join us!

Becoming a member of ACCAN will not only inform you and equip you to better navigate the communications market, but sharing your experiences and constructive opinions with us helps our work.

From here you can become a member, have a look at the organisations who support us, and access our member only services. 

Membership renewals

Thank you for your encouragement throughout the previous year and your contribution towards a better deal for communications consumers.

If you want to renew:

  • Visit our Membership Application page to renew your membership. Choose Individual or Organisational and choose 'Apply' for the Membership plan that suits your circumstances. You will then be asked to log in to complete your Membership renewal.

    If you have difficulty renewing your membership, or prefer to renew by phone, please contact us on 02 9288 4000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.