Thank you to everyone who attended ACCANect and made it such a valuable experience

Digital technology has transformed consumer experiences around the world. Consumers can buy products, access information, and communicate with people anywhere in the world with just the touch of a button. We are told that soon everything will be connected so the theme of this year’s ACCANect is ‘Your place in the connected world’.

This “always on”, always connected world raises some big questions for consumers. Is our personal information safe online? Do we know what data is being collected about us and are we happy with how it is being used or shared? How do new services make decisions about us and are they fair? How can we make sure everyone can access an open internet, as well as benefit from the convenience, choice and lower prices?

ACCANect was an opportunity for consumers, providers and government representatives to get up to speed on what’s available now, what’s over the horizon and what the benefits and challenges are going forward.

As well as debate and discussion, ACCANect will provided practical tools for those attending to navigate the connected world. We looked at the latest research as well as successful initiatives both here and overseas to promote and improve connectivity.

Transcripts and presentations will be put into the sessions below when available.


All videos and presentations have been uploaded in the form provided to ACCAN. Where a video is not captioned, unedited transcripts as captured on the day are provided. ACCAN endeavours to supply all materials in an accessible format and will update this page with more accessible versions as they become available.

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Day 1, Wednesday 20th September

Session 1:   8:55–9:15am


Julie McCrossin

Welcome to Country

Uncle Allen Madden,
Cultural Representative, Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

Welcome Address

Johanna Plante
Chairperson, ACCAN Board

Download:docxDay 1 - Session 1 transcript.docx39.96 KB

Session 2:   9:15–9:35am 

Opening address

Minister for Communications and the Arts
Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield
ACCAN is very pleased to welcome the Minister for Communications and the Arts, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, to open ACCANect 2017.

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 2 transcript.docx44.07 KB

Session 3:   9:35–9:45am 

Keynote – G20 and digital consumers

Teresa Corbin, CEO, ACCAN

Amanda Long, Director General, Consumers International

This year’s World Consumer Rights Day (15 March) focused on the theme of “building a digital world consumers can trust.” ACCAN is very pleased to welcome Amanda Long, Director General, Consumers International, to deliver a keynote presentation about the organisation’s work to help build trust in the digital world. 


[Watch on youtube]


[Watch on youtube]

9:45 – 10:00am

Vox Pops from audience
– thoughts about the keynote address

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Session 4:   10:00–10:20am 

The connected house

John Chambers, Executive Director Product Innovation, Telstra

Connected houses are homes where your toasters, kettles and other appliances will all be connected to the internet. We welcome John Chambers to ACCANect 2017 to give us an update on smarthome devices and how they will be used in the future.
Download: pptxJohn Chambers - The connected house4.31 MB



Download: docxDay 1 - Session 4 transcript.docx44.75 KB

Morning tea:   10:30–11:00am 


Session 5:   11:00–11:10am 

Hacking your house


Professor Vijay Sivaraman, UNSW

Consumers are increasingly buying Internet-connected appliances. These devices can allow users to remotely manage their home environment, but they may also collect a lot of data about the user. Professor Vijay Sivaraman will launch research completed under the ACCAN Grants Scheme into the security and privacy of smarthome IoT devices.

Download: pdfSession 5 Vijay Sivaraman presentation3.65 MB

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 5 transcript.docx39.69 KB

Session 6:   11:10–12:30pm 

Do we need a connected life?


Greg Killeen
Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer,
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

Professor Vijay Sivraman

Professor Katina Michael,
University of Wollongong

Julie McCrossin will interview panellists to get their views on how always being connected will benefit and challenge us in the future. The panel consists of experts who will give us a range of views on smart lifestyles.

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 6 transcript.docx70.16 KB

Lunch:   12:30–1:30pm

Session 7:   1:30–1:50pm 

Shadow Minister for Communications,
Michelle Rowland MP

ACCAN is very pleased to welcome the Shadow Minister for Communications, Ms Michelle Rowland MP, Member for Greenway in Western Sydney, to ACCANect 2017.

Download:docxDay 1 - Session 7 transcript.docx47 KB

Session 8:   1:50–2:10pm

Australian smart communities


Catherine Caruana-MacManus, Director,
Giant Ideas/University of Wollongong
Download: pdfSession 8 Catherine Caruana MacManus3.4 MB

Nadeen Jayasundara – APAC Lead for IoT and Connected Home,
ibb Consulting Group

Smart communities and cities use technology and data to be more efficient and deliver benefits to consumers. But as our cities become more and more connected, questions are being asked about the benefits and challenges. Are there any traps or will consumers be delighted by improvements? In this session, our speakers will deliver 10 minute presentations.

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 8 transcript.docx47.96 KB

Session 9:   2:30–3.00pm 

How will artificial intelligence impact on the connected world?

Dr Hugh Bradlow,Chief Scientist
Download: pptxSession 9 Dr Hugh Bradlow6.35 MB

How will artificial intelligence (AI) affect telco products and impact customer service? In this session we’ll also get an insight into how AI will fit into the future connected world. ACCAN is very pleased to welcome Dr Hugh Bradlow to present at ACCANect 2017.

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 9 transcript.docx45.1 KB

Afternoon tea:   3:00–3.30pm

Session 10:   3:30–3:50pm

The connected farm

Mark Harvey-Sutton, Manager Rural Affairs,
National Farmers’ Federation
Download: pdfSession 10 The connected farm1.78 MB

New and innovative technology can change the way farmers work and make their jobs easier. In this session we’ll hear about some of the ways technology, such as drones and sensors, are helping farmers in their everyday tasks.

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 10 transcript.docx44.94 KB

Session 11:   3:50–4:50pm 

Future consumer environment


Chris Althaus
CEO, Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
Download:  pdfSession 11 Chris Althaus3.7 MB

Frank Zeichner
CEO, IoT Alliance Australia
Download:  pdfSession 11 Frank Zeichner1.25 MB

As we become more connected, what will the future consumer environment look like? What devices will be available? Just how many connected devices will each person have? Julie McCrossin will interview panellists about the future consumer environment in the “always on, always connected” world.

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 11 transcript.docx54.06 KB

Session 12:   4:50–5:00pm 

Media Access Australia – Exciting new developments

Dr Manisha Amin, CEO, Media Access Australia

ACCAN is very pleased to welcome Dr Manisha Amin, CEO, Media Access Australia to talk about some exciting new developments for the organisation.

Download: docxDay 1 - Session 12 transcript.docx38.16 KB

Drinks & canapés:   5:00–7:00pm


Day 2, Thursday 21st September

Welcome:   8:55–9:00am

Welcome Back

Julie McCrossin

Session 1:   9:00–9:20am 

Digital government




Teresa Corbin, CEO, ACCAN
Download:  pptxSession 1 - Teresa Corbin387.36 KB

Dr. Emma Campbell, Director, FECCA

Many governments in Australia are moving services online with digital first expected to soon become the default. This raises questions about how some groups will be able to access these services. In this session Julie McCrossin will interview Dr Emma Campbell about how we can ensure everyone can access digital government services.

Download: docxDay 2 - Session 1 transcript.docx46.66 KB

Session 2:   9:20–10:30am 

Consumer protections in the new era


Cristina Cifuentes

John Stanton
Communication Alliance

Jennifer McNeill
General Manager, Content, Consumer & Citizen

Melanie Drayton
Assistant Commissioner, Regulation and Strategy
Australian Privacy Commission

Brett Lovett,
Stakeholder Engagement Manager,
Standards Australia

What future of consumer protections will we need in the connected world? How will regulation work to ensure the right safeguards are in place? Do standards and industry codes have a role to play? Have regulators got the right tools or is there a need for more laws to be adopted by parliament? This interview panel session will seek answers to these questions and more.

Download: docxDay 2 - Session 2 transcript.docx62.96 KB

Morning tea:   10:30–11:00am 


Session 3:   11:00–11:20am

How will nbn adapt in an ever changing environment?

JB Rousselot, Chief Strategy Officer
Download: pdfSession 3 - nbn in changing environment1.63 MB

We are pleased to welcome JB Rousselot to ACCANect 2017 to give us an update on how nbn will adapt in an ever changing environment.



Download:  docxDay 2 - Session 3 transcript.docx49.49 KB

Session 4:   11:30–12:30pm 

Ask the Telcos


Jane van Beelen,
Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs,

Tony Bundrock,

David Joss,
Managing Director,
Southern Phone

Dan Lloyd,
Chief Strategy Officer and Corporate Affairs Director,

Julian Ogrin,
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director,

Gary Smith,
Head of Regulatory Compliance,

In this session telco representatives will tell you how digital technology is transforming consumer experiences and how they will help consumers find their place in the connected world. Panellists will give a two minute introductory comment each and then take questions from the floor.

Download: docxDay 2 - Session 4 transcript.docx54.24 KB

Lunch:   12:30–1:20pm 

Video presentation:

Download: docxDay 2 - LUNCH video transcript.docx37.7 KB


Session 5:   1:20–1:40pm

Shadow Minister for Regional Communications,
Mr Stephen Jones MP

ACCAN is very pleased to welcome the Shadow Minister for Regional Communications, Mr Stephen Jones MP, Member for Whitlam, to ACCANect 2017.

Download: docxDay 2 - Session 5 transcript.docx43.48 KB

Session 6:   1:40–2:10pm 

Vision for a connected world where no one gets left behind


Joanna Gibson,
Communications Portfolio,
Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association

Wayne Hawkins,
Disability Policy Advisor,

Sue McGrath,
National Policy Manager,
COTA Australia

Kate Obermayer,
Global Customer Engagement Coordinator,
Cochlear Limited

Professor Julian Thomas,

In this session speakers will give a five-minute TED Talk on their vision for a connected world where no one gets left behind. A number of inspirational people from a range of backgrounds/organisations will present and give comments based on their experiences.

Download: docxDay 2 - Session 6 transcript.docx51.3 KB

Session 7:   2:10–2:20pm 

Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017

Professor Julian Thomas, RMIT

The recently launched Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017 showed that digital inclusion has improved across Australia since 2014. While this is positive, there are still areas of concern. Professor Julian Thomas will give us an update on the state of digital inclusion in Australia.

Download: docxDay 2 - Session 7 transcript.docx36.63 KB

Session 8:   2:20–3:25pm 

Great Debate –
Driverless vehicles are an essential part of the connected future!

Intro video:

Julie McCrossin

Affirmative team:
Wayne Hawkins
Disability Policy Advisor

Mark Harvey Sutton,
Manager Rural Affairs,
National Farmers’ Federation

Dean Economou
CTO – Products

Negative team:
Brendan Coady
Sydney Partner in Charge and Sector Leader: Technology
Maddocks Lawyers

Kayleen Manwaring
Lecturer, School of Taxation & Business Law, UNSW Business
UNSW Sydney

Nigel Waters

We are hearing more and more about how driverless vehicles are the way of the future, but how much of an impact will they actually have? Will they become the norm and be embraced by consumers? Who will be able to afford them? Will they improve accessibility to transport for people with disabilities or will this be a missed opportunity? We hear from six experts debating whether driverless vehicles will be part of our connected future.

Download: docxDay 2 - Session 8 transcript.docx54.75 KB

Closing remarks:   3:25–3:30pm 

Teresa Corbin, CEO, ACCAN

3:30pm Close



Afternoon tea:   3:30–3:45pm 


ACCAN AGM:   4:00pm