2022-23 Annual Report

Annual Report 2022 23 cover imageIt gives me great pleasure to present ACCAN’s 2022-23 Annual Report.  It seems like we say this every year, but looking back it’s clear this was an extremely busy time for all of us at ACCAN and we have achieved some great outcomes for consumers.  As the year progressed, it was great to put the effects of the pandemic behind us and slowly return to a more normal way of working, with more face-to-face interactions replacing the ubiquitous Zoom and Teams meetings. 

ACCAN made a substantial contribution to policy discussions through the year, completing over 60 submissions and representing consumers on more than 30 committees. We raised consumer awareness with the publication of several policy positions, including on the establishment of a retail registration scheme and recommending the development of an independent plan comparison tool. 

One of the privileges of being ACCAN’s CEO is the opportunity it affords to engage closely with our members and stakeholders.  As the year progressed it was great for myself and our staff to recommence our outreach and engagement in-person, after three years of mainly online interactions.  We’ve also expanded our geographic footprint throughout the year and we now have staff members in Townsville, Brisbane and Hobart, as well as NSW.  This has already proved invaluable in allowing us to expand our outreach activities.  Thanks to all of our stakeholders for your support and input to our work; it is always greatly appreciated.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the ACCAN staff.  As the pandemic restrictions eased we have farewelled some old friends and welcomed some new and exciting talent to our team. What hasn’t changed is the unwavering professionalism and commitment to delivering great outcomes for all consumers in Australia. 

The full 2022-23 Annual Report can be downloaded below.

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2021-22 Annual Report

Annual Report Cover ThumbnailLike most organisations, much of the first part of the year was spent in lockdown conditions due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Fortunately, the ACCAN team has become well accustomed to remote working so we were able to continue operations with minimal disruption. A particular highlight was the delivery of our annual conference in a virtual format through a purpose built online conference platform. With almost 300 delegates in attendance, it was clear that this format allowed for much greater participation from stakeholders across the country, and even some international delegates, than has otherwise been the case.

ACCAN has actively contributed to a wide range of policy discussions throughout the year. While these are too numerous to mention in this report, some highlights include our work on the NBN Co. pricing review, addressing consumer data and privacy issues, and contributing to the triennial Regional Telecommunications Review.

The ever expanding interrelationship between traditional communications and digital platforms has resulted in ACCAN becoming more deeply involved in a range of issues. I am particularly proud of our initiatives to address the consumer impacts of online safety legislation, and our ongoing scam awareness education work in collaboration with industry and regulators.

We were pleased to receive funding via an auDA Foundation grant to develop a suite of consumer education materials to assist small businesses develop a greater understanding of cyber security issues, with particular emphasis on protecting their domain name security.

Our Accessible Telecoms service has continued to provide essential advice and guidance to consumers on telecommunications accessibility issues, amidst a backdrop of funding uncertainty. We greatly appreciate the support provided by industry and Government in keeping this service operational as we work together to develop a sustainable funding model.

Andrew Williams, ACCAN CEO, would like to express sincere thanks and gratitude to our members and stakeholders, and sees ACCAN's role as being able to represent your collective voice to advocate for better consumer outcomes. Your insight, advice, and guidance is invaluable and I look forward to meeting more of you in person in the near future, travel restrictions permitting.

The full 2021-22 Annual Report can be downloaded below.

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2020-21 Annual Report

ACCAN 2021 Annual ReportThis year has continued to present many challenges not just for ACCAN but for communities across Australia. Our dependency on reliable communications reinforced the important role that ACCAN plays representing consumers in an always evolving communications environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent rolling lockdowns across the country have shone a light on the digital disadvantage in Australia. With many forced to work and learn remotely and the need for QR codes to assist contact tracing, the essential nature of communications services was once again brought to the fore. ACCAN’s work in 2020-21 was once again focussed on addressing issues of affordability, reliability, fairness, and accessibility in communications. ACCAN has also worked towards improved privacy protections for Australian consumers and a framework to build trust in connected devices and the Internet of Things.

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2019-20 Annual Report

ACCAN AnnualReport 2019 20 Cover 01Our communications services have been essential this year throughout rolling national emergencies – including the drought, bushfires, floods and the pandemic. As most of us transitioned over night to working and learning from home, ACCAN’s core policy priorities came into sharp focus. The incredible demand for online government services and the mass take-up of telehealth also reinforced the need for reliable telecommunications services. ACCAN’s role of advocating for trusted, inclusive and available communications for all Australians has never been so important.

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2018-19 Annual Report

ACCAN AnnualReport 2018-19 coverACCAN’s achievements are many, but best demonstrated by the outcomes for consumers outlined in the pages ahead. The Government’s implementation of new Industry Standards and its Consumer Safeguards Review were important initiatives this year that kept the focus on consumer concerns. Our contribution to these and other policy debates was extensive through submissions and position statements.

Another area of much activity hasbeen regional communications with the conclusion of the Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee. While there is still much to be done, there were wins in the Government’s response to this Committee’s report. We are very grateful to all the members of the Rural Regional and Remote Communications Coalition with whom we are working to ensure the voices of non-metropolitan consumers are heard.

Download:  pdfACCAN Annual Report 2018-191.51 MB (note: reading order not accessible)
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2017-18 Annual Report

ACCAN Annual Report 2017-18 Report cover2017/18 has been an unprecedented time as Australians transition to the NBN network. With our increasing dependency on connectivity, there is greater demand than ever for good reliable communications services. It has also been a standout year for the team at ACCAN, who have once again ensured the voice of consumers and small businesses is heard with a record number of submissions completed.

When we consider the list of outcomes and wins for consumers over the past year, it’s hard to identify the greatest achievement. However, receiving the news of our successful bid for a grant from the NDIA National Readiness Scheme - Information, Linkage and Capacity program to establish and run a nationwide telecommunications information and referral service was surely a standout moment for ACCAN.

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2016-17 Annual Report

ACCAN Annual Report cover2016/17 was a standout year for ACCAN culminating in a new five-year Funding Contract to ensure our continuance as the voice for communications consumers into the future. Underpinning this major achievement was ACCAN’s demonstrated successes in consistently delivering for consumers, and recognition across government and industry of the ongoing need for competent, committed and courageous consumer representation.

ACCAN made a substantial contribution to policy discussions completing over 40 submissions and representing consumers on more than 30 committees. We raised consumer awareness with the publication of several new guides and achieved over 900 media mentions. Our Grants program also continues to deliver quality outcomes.

Download: pdfACCAN Annual Report 2016-171.2 MB (note: reading order not accessible)

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2015-2016 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report coverIt was another positive year for ACCAN with many improvements for consumers coming into place. We made 30 submissions, represented consumers on 27 committees and held two major events – our Conference, Dollars and Bytes – Communications affordability now and tomorrow and our Meet the People Forum in Canberra. ACCAN commissioned seven research projects to assist building an evidence base for representational work. Our Independent Grants Program funded another six projects.

In the 2015-2016 financial year, we finally saw free calls to 1800 numbers from mobiles coming into place in July 2015 for most Australians, complaint levels to the TIO declined overall and we were also pleased to report that the proposed three strikes Copyright Notice Scheme was abandoned.

Download: pdfACCAN Annual Report 2015-16 web version3.16 MB (Note: reading order not accessible)

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2014-2015 Annual Report

2014-2015 Annual ReportACCAN's successes of the past years have continued, again enabling us to achieve important outcomes for Australia's communications consumers. During the year, we made 41 submissions, represented consumers on 24 committees and held a number of major events including our National Conference, Connecting Today's Consumer, and the Rethinking the Universal Service Obligation Forum. We funded seven grants projects and published four consumer research reports.

We had significant wins for consumers in regard to calls from mobile phones to 1800 numbers and copyright and we continued to participate in all important Government and industry discussions on telecommunications deregulation.

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2013-2014 Annual Report

2013-14 Annual Report cover

This year ACCAN celebrated a major milestone – its fifth birthday and the culmination of five years of significant achievement for Australia's communications consumers.  In the last 12 months we made 44 submissions, represented consumers on 20 committees and held a number of major events including the M-Enabling Australasia 2013 conference and showcase. 

A further win for ACCAN this year was securing a competitive grant to begin working on a Digital Business Kit, to educate small businesses and not-for-profit organisations in the Arts, Recreation and Education Services sectors on uses of digital technology and high-speed broadband.

Download: pdfACCAN 2013-14 Annual Report3.39 MB

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2012-2013 Annual Report2012-2013 annual report cover

This year ACCAN developed its first-ever smartphone app, "Phone Rights", allowing consumers to record poor mobile reception and quickly learn about their rights. We were also pleased to see the introduction of a much stronger Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code – an exciting and important revamp of consumer protections.

We increased our scope by bringing on a dedicated small business project officer and furthered our work in remote Australia by starting up the Indigenous Consultation Workshop along with a number of ACCAN members directly involved with Indigenous communications.

Download: pdfACCAN 2012-2013 Annual Report & Financial Statements5.36 MB

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2011-12 Annual Report

ACCAN 2011-12 front cover

This year, the government-led
Mid-term Review into ACCAN’s first two years of operations highlighted our effectiveness as a peak body representing Australian telecommunications consumers.

We also completed two years working with industry body Communications Alliance to deliver a much stronger Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code.

ACCAN 2011-12 Annual Report & Financial Statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 1.61 MB]

Download: ACCAN 2011-12 Annual Report [Word 2007 Document - 36.48 KB]

Download: ACCAN 2011-12 Financial Statements [Word 2007 Document - 141.86 KB]


2010-11 Annual Report

Picture of the ACCAN 2010-11 Annual Report cover.

ACCAN's third year of operation was an eventful one for the telecommunications sector and a successful one for ACCAN, with major reforms underway relating to telco customer service and complaint handling.

Our membership, staff and reach continued to grow.  




Download: ACCAN 2010-11 Annual Review & Financial Statements [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 930.38 KB]

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Download: ACCAN 2010-11 Financial Statements [Word 2007 Document - 161.17 KB]


2009-10 Annual Report

Picture of 2009-10 Annual Report coverIn 2009-10 ACCAN celebrated a number of successes. Our membership grew to 145 organisations and individuals, we made submissions to 23 government inquiries, published seven research reports and launched several major campaigns.

For further information about ACCAN's recent achievements, download the annual report below. 


Download: ACCAN Annual Report 2010.pdf [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 2.44 MB]

Download: ACCAN Annual Report 2010.doc [Word Document - 505 KB]

2008-09 Annual Report

Picture of 2008-09 Annual Report coverThe 2008-09 ACCAN Annual Report documents ACCAN’s achievements in its first six months of operation.

ACCAN was formed to provide a strong, unified voice to represent the interests of all consumers nationally and the commissioning of research into customer service charters, emerging consumer issues in telecommunications and informed consent.


Download: ACCAN Annual Report 2009.pdf [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 2.34 MB]

Download: ACCAN Annual Report 2009.doc [Word Document - 8.16 MB]