Accessible Telecoms, a service run by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has today launched a new resource to help consumers check their devices will work after the shutdown of 3G networks.

Accessible Telecoms provides consumers with free information, tips and training about accessible products and software. Today, they are launching a 3G shutdown tipsheet to help ensure their audience isn’t left behind. The tipsheet walks consumers through how they can check their connected devices and, if necessary, replace devices that aren’t compatible post-shutdown.

Consumers have less than 10 weeks to ensure their devices and equipment will work after Telstra and Optus close their 3G network from August 31. ACCAN is reiterating the importance of checking devices ahead of the shutdown so people have enough time to purchase and set up new devices in the weeks ahead.

ACCAN Acting CEO Dr Gareth Downing said that “telco consumers must act before 3G networks shutdown at the end of August to make sure they aren’t left with non-functional devices.”

“The last thing we want to see is individuals losing contact with family, friends, emergency services or government services due to device incompatibility with the 4G or 5G network.”

“With this resource ACCAN and Accessible Telecoms are seeking to clarify how consumers can check if their technology needs to be upgraded. If you do need an upgrade, the Accessible Telecoms team can help you find a new device which meets your needs."

The Accessible Telecoms 3G shutdown resource is available here

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