Cat sitting around laptop requesting broadband speed volunteersACCAN welcomes the release of the first round of results from the ACCC’s Measuring Broadband Australia speed monitoring program, and its generally positive findings. ‘We’ve long been calling for the independent monitoring of broadband speeds so consumers know what they’re likely to be getting when they buy a service. We’re strongly supportive of the ACCC’s work in this area’ ACCAN CEO Teresa Corbin said today.

‘Complaints about broadband speeds are at a record high. There is an obvious need for clear and accurate consumer information on what to expect from broadband services’ said ACCAN CEO Teresa Corbin. ‘The ACCC’s results make broadband speeds more transparent. This is important, because it helps consumers understand how services are actually performing, and gives them the tools they need to choose services best suited to their needs’.

The latest report shows that NBN fixed broadband plans from iiNet, Optus, TPG, and Telstra are typically delivering download speeds of around 80 to just over 90 per cent of the advertised maximum plan speed at the busiest time of the day (7-11pm), and performing consistently throughout the day. They are also achieving positive uploads speeds.

‘With this information, consumers in NBN’s fixed technology footprint can have more confidence in choosing NBN services provided by these top 4 retailers’ said Ms Corbin. ‘It also gives consumers already connected more information to identify any problems they may be experiencing. However, we are concerned that about five per cent of monitored connections are delivering lower than 50 per cent of the advertised speed. We also need more information about other retailers noting that only 4 are identified in the ACCC’s report’.

‘We are very supportive of the ACCC’s whole program of work to improve consumers’ experience of nbn broadband’ said Ms Corbin. ‘We strongly urge consumers to volunteer for the ACCC’s program so we can see more data about the performance of other retailers. Registering does not take long and can be done on the ACCC website, said Ms Corbin.

‘We also urge the ACCC to expand its testing to include services in rural and regional Australia provided over NBN’s fixed wireless and satellite networks. Consumers in non-metro areas are heavily reliant on their internet services due to their relative isolation, and badly need better information to have confidence that NBN is going to deliver for them’.

For more information, contact Teresa Corbin on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0409 966 931.

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