Connected devicesHave you noticed how more and more everyday items are now connected to the internet?

While we used to have ordinary watches that told us the time and the date, we now have smartwatches that track our fitness, alert us about emails and more.

We are told that we can expect many things in our homes will be connected, our cars will be connected and we will see even more connected ‘wearable’ devices in the future.

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is an emerging area that will bring benefits for consumers. Soon we will experience new levels of connectedness and at ACCAN, we anticipate this ‘always on, always connected’ world will raise some big questions for consumers.

At the 2017 ACCANect Conference we will face these new consumer issues head on and find answers to these burning questions:

  • Is our personal information safe online?
  • Do we know what data is collected about us?
  • Are we happy with how it is used or shared?
  • Will these new connected things be useful, easy and safe to use?
  • How do new services make decisions about us and are they fair?
  • How can we make sure everyone can access an open internet, as well as benefit from the convenience, choice and lower prices?

By attending ACCANect 2017, you’ll participate in discussion with industry experts, government, telcos, regulators and consumer groups on these and other consumer issues. Join us at ACCANect 2017 to help find ‘Your place in the connected world’.

Take advantage of early bird pricing by registering before 11 August. ACCANect 2017 will be held in Sydney on 20-21 September, 2017.

Still not convinced? By attending ACCANect 2017, you’ll also get the opportunity to:

Network and meet new people

We expect over 200 attendees including industry leaders, international delegates, consumer groups, government and regulators as well as mainstream media. There will be plenty of networking time.

Be inspired

Discuss emerging challenges related to the connected world and help find solutions to relevant consumer issues with local and international experts.

Be heard

Take the opportunity to voice your concerns with decision makers. At ACCANect, we ensure the decision makers – government, telcos, regulators and content producers – hear consumer concerns first-hand in a receptive and constructive environment.


You will be able to gain key insights and knowledge from industry leaders on relevant, interesting and useful topics that you can implement in your future business and personal life.

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