Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)

Grant Awarded: 2012

Grant Amount: $45,911

Drawing on the grassroots professional experiences of financial counsellors as well as focus group interviews with consumers, Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) produced a report outlining how the telecommunications industry's hardship policies and practices compare with those of the banking, energy and water industries.

A workshop was also held with experts in the financial hardship sector – financial counsellors, consumer advocates, staff from industry hardship teams, government representatives and staff from external dispute resolution (EDR) schemes. Members of this workshop collaborated and identified key factors that contribute to effective hardship policy and practice. These included, for example, recognising a cash positive business case, and the early identification of customers that are potentially experiencing hardship. FCA will continue to work with the telco industry and EDR schemes to implement these key measures for effective hardship practices.

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