As part of our commitment to community and industry consultation, ACCAN runs and attends a number of events each year.  Our current and upcoming events are profiled on this page.  ACCAN encourages its Members to profile their communications events through our website.

If you would like any further information regarding our events, or to include your event on our site, please contact us.

The ACMA’s major inquiry into Customer Service is now underway, with submissions due 10 September. To ensure you voice your experiences with the industry effectively, ACCAN will be hosting an information session about how to write a submission.

People of all ages use phones, mobile phones, the internet and TV. But how much access is there really for the 1 in 6 Australians who are deaf or hearing-impaired? This group includes older people with an acquired hearing impairment, as well as younger people.

Brain Injury is common. Over 500,000 Australians have an acquired brain injury. Three out every four of them are aged under 65. Nick Rushworth, Executive of Brain Injury Australia, explains Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) below as part of Brain Injury Awareness week:

Consumers, government, regulators and industry are all stakeholders in a radically shifting communications environment. Together we are responsible for shaping a competitive, efficient and fair communications market that deliver all the potential benefits of affordable, available and accessible communications services to end users.

The 2010 ACCAN National Conference and Consumer Summit asks participants to think about the opportunities and challenges that we face in the provision of essential communications services in a digital age. We’ll explore opportunities to make the market work better for consumers, with a strong emphasis on actively ensuring no-one is left behind.

This Roundtable will hear about current cyber security issues from leading advocates in the disability sector, as well as discussing industry and government initiatives designed to create a safer online experience. The Roundtable will identify what people with disabilities need to protect themselves online.

Learning how to use and monitor your download usage effectively is the best protection against high bills. This ACCAN Consumer Meeting will provide information about how to avoid bill shock as well as assistance for case workers advising consumers about how to get redress for any complaints related to download bill shock.

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network held an afternoon seminar on 4 November, looking at responsive regulation and effective policy making, and how engagement with consumers can be enhanced to get better results. This forum looked beyond the current, sterile stand-off between consumers on one side and policy makers and regulators on the other to meeting each other’s needs.