Against the background of the Federal Government's deregulation agenda, the telecommunications industry peak body, Communications Alliance, consulted on amendments to the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code 2012. This version of the Code had just finished being rolled out in September 2014. Since the Code was introduced two years ago Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman complaints have fallen by 28 per cent to the lowest point in six years. Our submission outlines why we don't think it is the right time to be taking away the very consumer protections that have led to reduced complaints.

Here is a brief summary of our concerns:

  • The removal of requirements that information, like financial hardship policies, be made available on telco websites.
  • The removal of the ACMA and Communications Compliance from enforcement and compliance practices related to telco advertising.
  • The removal of positive obligations on telcos to train sales staff to be comprehensible, truthful and without exaggeration or omission of key information.
  • The removal of requirements to give written information to consumers when they enter complex credit and debit management practices.
  • Reduced requirements on telcos to remove in a timely manner defaults listed in error.

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