In December 2013, ACCAN made a submission to the federal government regarding the Minister for Communication's call for possible telco regulatory reform. ACCAN has made an additional submission regarding consumer information requirements in the telco sector.

ACCAN has reviewed information disclosure requirements on the telco industry and our findings are:

  • There is some overlap and duplication

  • There are areas where the requirement is to 'inform' without indication as to how and when. This does not sufficiently take account of 'information overload'. Consumers and industry would be assisted by better identification of when information is required, and whether it should be provided or simply made available

  • Requirements are scattered across multiple legislative instruments and codes, making it difficult for industry and consumers to check whether sufficient information is being provided when it should be

  • There are inadequate mechanisms to review and update information requirements

ACCAN supports calls for a review of information requirements, as better, clearer and more timely provision of information will ensure a better informed, fairer marketplace for all. Please download our submission and appendixes below for more detail.

Download: docxACCAN submission on consumer information requirements812.7 KB

Download: docxAppendix 1: Timing of requirements28.18 KB

Download: docxAppendix 2: Overlap and general/situational requirements29.75 KB