ACCAN has made a submission to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) 'Publishing Comparative Complaints Data' Inquiry. The inquiry asked whether the TIO should contextualise the complaints it receives by the number of 'services in operation' for each telecommunications provider.

Currently the TIO only publishes raw figures. This means the bigger service providers, like Telstra, appear to be the worst performers. The TIO is proposing a method which would allow consumers to easily compare big and small providers by contextualising their raw complaints by the total number of services they each provide. This means you could easily compare say Optus (a big provider) to Vaya (a smaller provider) based on its customer service record.

ACCAN made the following key recommendations:

    • That the TIO contextualise their complaint numbers by the services in operation of each provider.
    • That the TIO publish the data on a quarterly basis, in an open standard and a machine readable format.

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