ACCAN has made a submission to the Communications Alliance's review of the Calling Number Display Code (ACIF C522:2007).

Calling Number Display (CND) is the system that allows the recipient of a phone call to see the number or name of the person making the call. This can be a useful feature - it means that you can ignore calls if you do not recognise the number, for example. However, many consumers may be uncomfortable about their number being displayed to the person they are calling.

The CND Code requires telcos to provide a prefix code to allow the caller to prevent CND for a single call, and to provide a free option to block CND permanently. The Code also requires telcos to make information about these options readily available to consumers.

ACCAN's submission raises the following points:

  • Information about CND blocking is often not presented in a clear, complete and easy to locate way on telcos' websites.
  • Telcos should provide notice to consumers if a change to the network will mean that CND blocking is no longer possible, with enough time for the consumer to prepare for the change.
  • The Code should be extended to apply to mobile services as well as land lines.
  • The Code should be extended to apply to Voice over IP (VoIP) services, particularly with many traditional phones being switched to VoIP services on the NBN.

Download: docxACCAN submission on the Calling Number Display code798.27 KB

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