In this submission ACCAN  provides comment on the system that accredits and regulates domain name registrars and resellers in Australia. 

Summary: ACCAN wants to ensure that the consumers of domain name registry services are protected. Domain name owners have a reasonable expectation that their names will be secure, that registrars will be reliable and that they are able to make an informed decision when choosing a registrar or reseller.

In order to achieve this ACCAN recommends a number of measures, including the conduct of a full tender process for a top-level registrar by 2018, the introduction of enforcement measures to ensure compliance with the .au Domain Name Suppliers’ Code of Practice, the linking of registration processes for ABN, ACN and domain names, and the introduction of a mandatory security standard.  

 Submission to: auDA Industry Advisory Panel

Status: Submitted

Download: Domain Name Registrar Accreditation and Regulation [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 117.63 KB]

Download: Domain Name Registrar Accreditation and Regulation  [Word 2007 Document - 882.72 KB]